We seek to impact the community within which we operate. In this pursuit we have committed ourselves to supporting brilliant children in public basic schools by providing funding for the registration to write their final examination. This ensures that the pupils get the opportunity to take the exams and have the opportunity to attend a high school of their choice.

This program has become important because it is not uncommon to find that final year students struggle to pay the registration fees required to register to participate in the final exams. The pupils either fail to register or have to solicit for help from generous relatives or persons who have the means.

We want to join that small league of donors; relatives and concerned neighbors, who will contribute to provide the needed funds. This will relieve pupils of the burden of thinking about fees for registration and concentrate on studies and passing their exams.

The relief, the beaming smile of a pupil, the gratitude of a parent is what motivates us to undertake this project.

We are also committed to providing support and soliciting for funds from our friends to assist the New Horizon Special School in Accra. A school instituted to provide support and opportunities to children with neurological disabilities. The school provides discounted fees to students and looks to donors and benefactors to provide the short fall to ensure that no child is left out of opportunity to study and develop.

We have committed ourselves to these two projects. We are happy to share our experiences and encourage you to support.